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Pattern Drafting, Pattern Making, Garment Construction, and Fitting

Sample a FREE Workshop In January!
  • Do you want to design and make clothing that fits your body?

  • Do you know how to use your sewing machine, but want to move from quilts or accessories into garment sewing?

  • Do you struggle with fit using commercial sewing patterns?

  • I feel your pain trying to fit fashion industry standards, whether in ready-to-wear or commercial sewing patterns.

Why not begin drafting clothes to fit you from the start!

Launching in January 2021!

Workshops & Courses

Learn pattern making with Palaza Designs, from basic principles to fitting your body

FREE! Divide & Conquer

In this free mini-workshop, you will learn a clever method to divide a length into equal parts. Mathematicians may recognize Thales' Theorem, but the rest of us will master an easy way to measure pleats or space buttonholes without measuring.

Sample a FREE Workshop in January!

Pattern Makers Rule!

Learn the basics in this foundation course covering best practices in flat-pattern making. Fine tune your skills when using commercial patterns or your own drafted designs!

Draft to Measure Series

Join a supportive community of makers and level up your pattern making in this intermediate course, with courses covering the the dress and torso block, the pants block, and the coat and jacket block, and live fitting tutorials over Zoom.

Your Benefits

from Palaza Designs

Step-by-step videos, handouts and guides

Follow clear instructional videos and download handouts to improve your pattern making skills, learn to draft a block (sloper) to your measurements, fine tune the fit to your body, and learn to design new garments with your block.

Join a like-minded community of individuals who love to sew!

Courses including access to a supportive creative community.

Expert guidance and individual attention from educator Martha Palaza

Martha has demystified pattern making, garment construction, and fitting for hundreds of students, and she is excited to do the same for you in your Zoom fitting sessions.

Now is the time to dive into pattern making!

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